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Land Use and Zoning LawLand Use and Zoning.  Here’s what we have done and can do for you:

  • Draft ordinances to describe the process for adoption of comprehensive plan amendments and processing of every type of permit approval, appeals, SEPA and code enforcement procedures.
  • Provide legal counsel regarding hearings on every type of legislative and quasi-judicial action/approval, or consult on administrative action.
  • Evaluate “actions” and provide advice on SEPA compliance.
  • Provide advice on each step of the permit application review process, including the determination of a complete application, determination of consistency, notice and other public hearing requirements, fashioning permit conditions, drafting the staff report, preparing scripts for public hearings to comply with appearance of fairness and conflict of interest issues, advise the decisionmakers throughout the hearing process, draft the findings and conclusions on a permit decision.
  • Provide defense in an appeal of a final land use decision or appeal a final land use decision to any administrative board or court.
  • Participate in and provide advice in mediation of any dispute, draft settlement agreements, implement settlements and enforce violations of settlement agreements.
  • Subdivisions.  We provide all of the above with regard to subdivisions. See Carol’s articles on subdivisions posted on this site.
  • Concurrency and Moratoria.  We can draft your ordinances for concurrency, moratoria and interim zoning and provide advice to avoid challenges.  We have model ordinances for municipalities based on utility shortages ,for zoning code amendments and to address marijuana uses.  See Carol’s articles on concurrency and moratoria posted on this site.
  • Public Hearing Process.  We can evaluate your public hearing process and provide you with suggestions for improvements, both in efficiency and to avoid liability.  See Carol’s articles on hearing examiners and boards posted on this site. 
  • Code Enforcement.  We can provide you with complete and detailed ordinances to use for code enforcement, together with practice tips to avoid common mistakes that could expose the municipality to constitutional damage claims.

Finally, because we have done all of the above, we likely have forms that we can use to accomplish the goal in the most economical manner possible.

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